Hey there!

I’m Deni Kirkova, one half of Bikini Girls Diary.

I’m Bulgarian by birth but grew up in Sussex. I now live in London near Vicky but am moving to Australia with my partner Toby in October 2017!

I’m an ethical vegan meaning I lead a plant-based lifestyle based on the principle of rejecting the commodity status of animals. So you may hear the odd ethical rant from me every now and again!

I’m a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and I’m a freelance features journalist for global news sites, papers, magazines and more.

Clients include the Sun, MailOnline,, HerWorld Plus, Vegan Life and more.

I ADORE travel: getting immersed in other cultures, learning about different ways of life, milking opportunities and absorbing knowledge.

I’ve travelled around Australia, the Maldives, Barbados, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic – where I met Vicky in 2015! – Iceland, Nepal, Argentina, Morocco, Canada, USA, Mexico… and all over Europe <3

Ok that will do… hope you enjoy the site, please follow us on social media and share your favourite articles.

Love, Deni xxx

by SNHfoto

by SNHfoto

by David McHugh / Brighton Pictures for MailOnline

by David McHugh / Brighton Pictures for MailOnline