Hey there #BGD readers 🙂

I’m Deni Kirkova, one half of Bikini Girls Diary.

I’m Bulgarian by birth and blood, moving to the UK with my mother when I was 7 years old back in 1997. I still speak fluent Bulgarian.

You could better say I’m from Sussex because I spent my school years in Worthing where my mum still lives and I often go visit! Trips to Bulgaria are a little less frequent.

I am an ethical vegan meaning I lead a plant-based lifestyle based on the principle of rejecting the commodity status of animals in any way shape or form. I think we should just let living beings be… be free, happy and not interfered with. So you’ll hear the odd ethical rant from me every now and again!

What else… Well I took an aerial skills course with the National Circus once and learned to make some fancy shapes on a rope! I dream about being a circus acrobat sometimes 🙂 – could happen! I love things like aerial yoga, contortion (I can do the splits both ways – working on those box splits though) and performing arts.

I’m a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with NASM UK / Premier / Active IQ… meaning it’s recognised all over the world 🙂

I have worked as a journalist since I was 17 and been employed at Daily Mail General Trust (including roles at Daily Mail, MailOnline, Metro and since 2009… I still freelance there 🙂

I mean that’s plenty, right? Oh hang on let me tell you a tiny bit about my crazy travels…

Mainly on press trips but some not… I’ve been all over Australia (not Darwin or Queensland… loved WA), the Maldives, Barbados, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic – WHERE I MET VICKY IN DEC 2015! – Iceland, Nepal, Argentina, Morocco, Canada, USA (Vegas, NYC, the Grand Canyon), Mexico… and all over Europe <3

Yeah I LOVE travelling and getting immersed in other cultures, learning about different ways of life, milking opportunities and absorbing knowledge. You have to 🙂

Ok that will do… hope you enjoy the site and please comment, share and all that.

Lots of vegan love, Deni xxx

by SNHfoto

by SNHfoto

by David McHugh / Brighton Pictures for MailOnline

by David McHugh / Brighton Pictures for MailOnline