London’s fitness scene just got more exciting thanks to WeExperience – Bikini Girls Review

Want to go horse riding in London? Then to a Pilates class and finish it off tasting all of the different tea’s around the world? Bikini Girls’ Vicky did just that…

It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? But not really plausible in London. Well, a brand new concept that combines healthy living with socialising had just launched under the name; WeExperience and we think they have nailed it.

I arrived at Park Lane Stables, situated on a urban road in Teddington which was where I was to begin the first activity of the day; horse riding. After meeting the WeExperience team and the other ladies who were going to be joining me for the day, I was introduced to my beautiful white horse, Teddy who had been partnered with me by weight. Having not ridden a horse since I was a child and not feeling too confident about my ability to ride, I was thankful to have a member of the stables hold onto the reins to assist me.

I managed to pull the reins and shout, ‘woah Teddy!’

We learnt how to canter which involved an ‘up and down’ movement at the same time as the horses steps – not as easy as it sounds I can assure you… Feeling pretty comfortable with the directions to ‘stand and sit’, I agreed and failed miserably – struggling to fight back the laughter at just how bad my horse riding skills were, I managed to pull the reins and shout, ‘woah Teddy!’ to bring him to a halt behind the rest of the group. We rode around Bushy Park; a scenic countryside that had me feeling miles away from London’s city life – hard to believe I was still technically in Zone 6 and just a tube ride away from Central London.

Following the horse riding session we had a taxi pick us up and drop us off at a old fashioned hotel. We were led up the stairs into a grand dining room with chandeliers hanging from the roof, countryside views from the window and yoga mats laid across the floor which had replaced the tables. Our Pilates instructor and fitness instagrammer, Nikki Urwin led a dynamic class that targeted legs and abs.

we train pilates
As a hardcore gym bunny, I like to lift heavy weights but I don’t take the time to stretch afterwards and holding the postures and working through each stretching asana really took its toll on my aching muscles. The core section involved crunches, planks and holds ensuring my body felt toned and worked. Nikki actively kept us focusing and moving in unison with our breath. Despite it only being a body weight workout I felt my muscles work in a new way which actually caused them to feel lighter rather than heavy and sore. As we finished the final stretch and ended our class I was amazed at how my body no longer hurt or ached but rather felt free, light and without any tension.

pilates session we experience

After the class was a tea tasting experience with The London School of Tea. There were six different types of teas ranging from the popular green tea to oriental white. We learnt that each tea hit a different place on your tongue depending on their flavour, the different flavours from sweet to salty and spicy to sour all set your taste buds alive in different places. Although despite trying tea’s from all over the world I think my favourite still remained the green tea – however I now know just how long to boil it for; (two minutes incase you were wondering…)

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